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AW Consulting has applied the philosophy of delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time and price, over the past 10 years, a philosophy that has set us aside from our competitors.

As a proud member of WASPA and the DMA, we offer a holistic direct marketing approach to your customer and/or potential customer base, from conception and planning to a comprehensive strategy built around effective use of, SMS, MMS, WAP, J2ME, DOT-MOBI, e-mail and facsimile platforms. A distinct advantage of using any of these platforms, as a stand-alone or in conjunction with each other, is the relative low cost in relation to the extensive reach achieved. 

The success of any direct marketing campaign is reliant on the accuracy of the source information and poor information will deliver poor results. Years of experience and proven methods of ensuring that your list of potential customers is as accurate as possible will ensure that your product offering is delivered to its intended destination. Our client base consists of several blue chip, large and medium sized companies who have had the confidence in us to assist with their direct marketing strategies believing that we have the capability of delivering the best possible results.   


Contact Us on Email: AWCInfo@awconsult.co.za

AW Consulting is a proud member of WASPA and the DMA